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3 ways to help children that are having a hard time at school with STEM

Spatial thinking and reasoning help children become adept in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths. Although students with spatial talents solve problems by visualising and dismantling objects in 3D space, the same way scientists, engineers, and innovators in STEM-related fields do, there’s evidence that they are not getting the specialised support they need to flourish between kindergarten and high school, missing… Read more →

How shifting to STEM toys can boost your sales!

Recognising the importance of equal access and participation, the global community has made lots of progress in recent years, in not only inspiring but also engaging children and the youth in STEM-related fields! STEM toys such as Engino are selling extremely well, as the importance of both STEM-related jobs and STEM-based education become increasingly relevant and important. Core subjects such… Read more →

How can Engino Toys help inspire future Engineers become the Inventors of tomorrow?

There’s certainly no denying that technology plays a huge role in all our lives and will no doubt increasingly continue to do so. It is these high-tech skills that STEM education promotes, that will help create the world’s future scientists, inventors, and engineers! Proven by academics that Engino helps children develop their analytical and creative skills, whilst acquiring significant knowledge… Read more →

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